John Cage- Third Construction

„Construction“  is he title of three compositions, written by John Cage between 1939 and 1942. 1

The used instruments are: rattles, drums, tin cans, claves, cowbells, lion’s roar, cymbal, ratchet, teponaxtle, quijades, cricket caller, and conch shells.2

Cage used the “square root formula” for all three pieces. The third construction is arranged in 24 sections which are divided in 24 measures, all played differently by the percussionists3 :

Player 1: (2;8;2;4;5;3)

Player 2: (5;3;2;8;2;4)

Player 3: (3;2;8;2;4;5)

Player 4: (0;2;4;5;3;2)



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