Gisbert Brandt – Baby Just

This “jazz-round” is written for four voices and has, compared to other modern rounds unusually long verses. With the third verse making an exception, by having one motive which just repeats itself (slightly varied), verses 1,2 and 4 all have the same structure : The beginning motive of the verse is repeated a second (for the 4th verse)  or even a third time (for the first and second verse) , the ending always varies.

The piece itself has, as already mentioned, a very jazzy flair, which especially emerges through the two d-flat-accidentals in the third verse. I really like this round, mostly because it’s a minor-piece ( I usually prefer minor to major). I’m a huge Jazz- fan as well and this is the only round I’ve known (so far), which falls into this genre. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any good examples on any platform, of the version I know. The only interpretation of it, which still has differences with the one below (the scat-singing at the end for example), I found on YouTube under the following link :

My own version is the following one : I put the numbers 1-4 on top of the beginning of every new verse, that’s if they where sung by just one voice :Baby just one voice.png

If four voices (in this case soprano, alto, tenor and bass, but it isn’t specified which voices are needed) would sing every phrase at the same time, it would look like the following :

Baby just all voices_0001Baby just all voices_0002

If the score above were arranged for a pianist and put into its basic chords, one would get a chord sequence, which can be played repetitively (in rounds) throughout the whole piece.

Baby just piano 4 chords simple

The lowest notes of each of these chords build a downwards going sequence from G to D (except for the last bar). This motive, as I found (and already mentioned in the research point for rounds) is used quite often, for several other rounds I know as well as 2-3 pop-songs.