Sandor Balassa – Ha szol a tarogato

This short piece is quite monotonous, really slow and is being played by a solo tarogato. It has a sleepy, relaxed mood and is in a slow tempo, which stays the same throughout the whole composition.

The structure of the piece is unusual compared to the structure of the other pieces I’ve observed so far. The whole composition basically consists of one theme which is being repeated in varied ways five times.

At the first repetition, the only small changes were made, but it seems as if the melody were giving an answer to an open question, which was “asked” when the theme was played for the first time. The second and third repetitions start one octave lower than the original one, whereas the third theme again has an open ending, which is being completed, by the fourth. This “completion” is due to a very small change at the end of the fourth theme, which is otherwise identical to the third. The fourth and fifth repetitions are a bit shorter than the previous ones, but work with this question-answer-scheme as well as the others did. But this time the fourth repetition starts on the high,first octave again, and the fifth repetition on the lower one.

The title of the composition is Hungarian an can be translated to ” When the tarogato plays”. As already mentioned, the piece has a rather calming, relaxed atmosphere, which made it, for my personal interest,actually not very interesting. I do prefer it to a fast played, hesitant piece, but it still became boring after a while.

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