August Mühling – Froh zu sein

This round is for four voices and is incredibly short compared to other rounds. The time signature, as well as the structure of the piece are really simple. Except for the first bar, which starts with a dotted crotchet-note, followed by a quaver note, the piece only includes crotchets.

The translation of this quite cheery sounding piece is ” It doesn’t require much to be happy and the one who is happy, is a king.” It was written by August Mühling, in the 19th century and was part of a childrens-songbook called “Alpenrose”. (1)

It is easy to learn and fun to sing along with, especially for younger people, but yet again, it can become boring after a while due to its technical simplicity.

Froh zu sein.png

-for one voice, one part is as long as one bar

Froh zu sein four voices

-for four voices


1) Volksliederarchiv, (2018), Froh zu sein bedarf es wenig (online) Available at: