Alun Hoddinott – Lizard

The general mood of the piece ( frantic, nervous, anxious) perfectly reflects the title. It is played by only one recorder. The main theme, which is being played at the very first and the very last part of the composition is very hectic, whilst the subsidairy section (B-Part) creates a strong contrast, with longer notes the piece sounds much calmer but, due to the melody, still cautious.

It starts off very fast, gradually becomes slower towards the middle part , and jumps to a rapid pace again at the end, where the exact same theme from the beginning is played. One technique which is used quite often is a thriller, this played by a recorder can give the listener a feeling of a very dry environment. (The natural habitat of a lizard).


What I personally found quite interesting, is the fact that the music, combined with the title, gave me a really clear image in the head of a lizard running up and down, being afraid of being chased by bigger animals in a dry environment. The adjustment of a title is something that I will consider for future compositions as well.

Nevertheless, the piece still gave me a feeling of being stressed and is therefore not something I would personally listen to.


A link to it (from Youtube provided by The Orchard Enterprises ) can be found here.

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