Jean Francaix – Suite for solo flute

This piece from Jean Francaix, which is generally fast has overall an incredibly skittish/ vivid mood. The pitch moves up and down very rapidly throughout the whole composition which makes it sound quite jumpy as well, but in a cheerful way. Only when the piece comes near the end the melody starts to get a little bit slower,calmer until the flutist can eventually rest on one single note. This very last note, is the tone that is played for the longest from the whole composition.

One motive, that seems to be repeating itself all the time, is an arpeggio moving upwards, followed by jumps of the pitch going down and then up again. There are very few moments in this piece, where this theme isn’t played.

As the heading already explains, this piece is being played by only one flute.


“Suite for solo flute” kept me more interested as a listener than I thought it would. Due to the fact that only one instrument is being used, I did not expect too much at the beginning. I quite liked the idea of the often used arpeggios, those are the main reason why the piece didn’t become boring. The arpeggios are probably also used regularly because, according to a short description for the flute in my OCA-folder, it becomes easier for the flutist to reach the high pitched notes.

The piece is not necessarily my personal favorite, but I really enjoyed analyzing it.


A link for the audio of the piece (provided by Laurel Zucker on Youtube) can be found here.

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