Henry Purcell – I gave her cake

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a score of the piece online. It is written for three voices in a 6/8 –  time signature and has quite long sections compared to most other pieces I’ve put into my listening log so far.

The text is the following :

  1. I gave her cakes, and I gave her ale,
    and I gave her sack and sherry,
    kiss’d her once, and I kissed her twice,
    And we were wondrous merry.
  2. I gave her beads and bracelets fine,
    And I gave her gold, down derry.
    I thought she was afear’d, till she stroked my beard,
    And we were wondrous merry
  3. Merry, my heart’s merry,
    my cock’s merry,
    my spright’s merry,
    merry, merry.

Suitable to the text, the round has a really cheery character, and is sung by men. A appropriate version of it can be found under the following link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvGp6FE8CHQ. I tried to play the melody on the piano, but due to the rather fast tempo in the first and second part, it was hard for me to follow and find the right notes. Nevertheless I really enjoyed listening to it, due to the cheery tune and the obscure text.