Dona Nobis Pacem

This piece is a round for three voices, its origin as well as its composer are unknown, therefore it is officially put under the category of traditional songs. Some researches show, that the piece was probably written in the 16th or 17th century by an unknown German composer. The title “Dona Nobis Pacem” is Latin and means “Grant us Piece” (1).

As well as other traditional/ folk songs this round has a really simple structure. It may be due to this simplicity, that it has a warm, harmonic sound. The disadvantage of this structure is though, that the round tends to become boring after a while, at least for my own personal liking.

Unlike many other rounds,  this one has (except for a slight delay in a few bars in the first part) the same words sung at the same time, when all three voices sing together.

The following two scores will show the piece, first sung by one voice and then by three voices together. A good example of the piece can be found under the following link :

Dona Nobis Pacem One Voice PDF.png

Dona Nobis Pacem three voices.png


  1. Clasical history, (2017). Dona Nobis Pacem (online). Available at :