Assignment 4

The first task for this Assignment was to create a short score and a piano reduction of the following orchestral piece:

Interestingly, I had more difficulties creating the short score rather than the piano reduction, as I tried to create equally interesting parts for both instruments. Most of the notes from the original were used in the short score, I nonetheless had to leave out some octaves, as it would have not been possible to perform it on a piano. For the piano reduction itself, I tried to focus on simple chord structures and the main melody. Even though the short – score is not as overseeable, as I would have liked it to be, it really helped to create an overview for writing the piano reduction afterwards.

The short score:

Piano Reduction:

As a second part of the Assignment, I was asked to submit the field recording transcription, alongside the original recording from exercise 10 “Listening as Analysis” and exercise 11 “Analysis as Transcription“. They can also be found in my Learning Log.

The original recording is the following:

The transcription:

Once again it should be mentioned, that the instruments are meant to be placed as it is depicted in the following picture: