Project 4 : About structure

The given task for this project is to create a basic structural design for the asked composition of the first assignment.

Exercise: Compositional Plan

The given task for this project is to create a basic structural design for the asked composition of the first assignment.

Despite the given examples (12-13) in my OCA folder, I found, that I can work better from A to Z rather than to know exactly in advance what part B and C of my composition would contain. Knowing though, that I should keep close to the provided “basic structural design”, I created a scene, of which the smaller parts are put into one of the three sections.

Basic structural design:

A+B (Pricipal Section); C (Subsidairy Section); B+A (Principal Reprise); A, B or C (Closing Section)

The scene starts with the given intro of “Wild-Dance” (1), the remains were added by me (2-8) :


  1. Enter a group of demons
  2. A mother can be seen in the centre of the stage; she has her arms around her young daughter to shield her from the demons
  3. The demons ask the girl very kindly to come with them
  4. The girl becomes scared and claws herself onto her mother
  5. The mother tries to calm her child
  6. The Demons forcefully wrest the girl from her mother
  7. The child tries to tell her mother, that she is feeling much happier now
  8. The demons and the girl leave the room, leaving the mother in the centre of the stage, crying


I put those eight parts under the following sections:

  • Parts 1-3 are included in sections A (which I linked with the demons, due to the introduction) and B (introducing the mother and her child)
  • Parts 4 and 5 are put into section C, seeing that those two parts exclude the demons, I only worked with the instruments which were reflecting the mother and the daughter in part 2.
  • Parts 6-8 are included in sections B’ (a variation of the first B-section) and A (including slightly hidden echoes of section C (used as the Closing Section)

Furthermore, I tried to work out the scheme of the changing time signatures from the provided part of the “Wild Dance”. Even though I would have had several options to continue with a high variety of time signatures, I decided to stay with the given ones for parts A and B, always adding two bars in each round.

The time signatures (which are changing after every bar) from the first 12 bars (excluding the first two bars with a 2/4 –time signature as an exception) are:

5/8 – 3/8 – 6/8 – 5/8 – 3/8 – 4/8 – 3/8 – 4/8 – 6/8 – 5/8 – 3/8 – 6/8; with that given I looked for several ways on how the pattern could continue and resolved on the following :

Aufbau der Sektionen 2

Knowing that the middle section “C” is supposed to be a contrast to A and B, I might use other time signatures.

The whole piece is supposed to last between 2  and 3 minutes. I am planning on mainly staying in the same tempo (one crochet note = 120). The given part at the beginning takes about 15 seconds (excluding the first two bars). When one connects those 15 seconds with the time signature plan from above, the time of the principal section and the time of the principal reprise would sum up to about 105 seconds, which gives me the freedom of using a minimum of about 30 seconds and a maximum of 1 minute for the Subsidiary section (C-part).

I found it easier to link every character with several instruments. Having given a “group” of demons entering the stage, I combined them with the four instruments they started with ( Cymbals, Tambourine, Snare Drum, Bass Drum)

The mother is mainly linked to the Cajon, which makes a strong, rather low sound in comparison with the Castanets, which are combined with the child. They both share the Bongos and the Shaker.

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