Assignment 4

For this Assignment; I was asked to create a small TV signature tune for a small orchestra. I had to start with a short score again, both pieces (the short score and the finished version) can be found below.

Reflection: Having struggled with creating a short score during the last Assignment, I tried a different approach this time, by experimenting on the piano with several chord progressions and melodies until I found something that fit the topic. Seeing, that I started to write directly for a larger ensemble last time, I found it much more difficult to find a good work – flow. This time, after having created a short score, it was much easier to spread it out to the other instruments.

Critical Review:

For my Critical review I want to cover a part of the topic “Leitmotif technique” , especially in it’s historical development, starting with Richard Wagner and moving towards the use in film-and video game music today. I would like to make a direct comparison between a piece from Wagner and a film or series produced within the last 10 – 20 years where the Leitmotif technique is used frequently, and maybe cover shortly in which way this development may have even affected my own work.