Compositional Plan

Seeing, that it really helped me with my first assignment, I was very happy to create a structural plan for this one as well.

First of all I started to look for an appropriate wood-wind instrument, and ended up using the clarinet for several reasons. I’ve worked with this instrument for former projects in this part of the course. Even though I had many more instruments to choose from,  I stayed with the clarinet, simply because I personally like its interestingly warm colour of sound as well as the fact that it can change in dynamics very rapidly. I made a list of things which where possible to perform with the clarinet to be able to use its specific strengths in the composition :

Assignment 2 Structural Plan 2

I ended up not using all of those effects, but tried to include some of them to make the piece more interesting.

After that, I started with making a rough plan for the composition, by dividing it in three parts, giving each of them a time-signature, and idea of a tempo as well as a key signature, whereas part 1 and 3 are quite similar to one another. Trying to keep in mind, that the whole piece should only take up 1,5 to 2 minutes, I tried to give every section around 30 seconds. From the scales I had to work with in project 7, the east-European-minor scale was my personal favourite. I therefore used it as my main scale.

Assignment 2 Structural Plan 1

When I came to the end of the composition, several things where different than originally planned, nevertheless, I found it very useful to have a rough sketch to stick to, from where I could develop my ideas.